$58.75 USD

Build, Support, Maintain and Heal your body's wellness with our immune boosting and respiratory rollers.  Set also includes our grass-fed Whipped Tallow Body Butter, formulated to penetrate deep for deeper-than-skin health.

Chest Support - Blended to support your respiratory system and open airways, allowing you to breathe and recover faster, while stimulating the body's natural defenses.  Promotes wellness, supports liver enzymes, immune system, cleansing, and purifying.  

Immune Roller - Help support & maintain your immune system with this amazing essential blend. Created for anyone looking for natural ways to heal & support their immune system.  Quick and easy preventative measure as well as for helping assist when your starting to feel ill. 

Grass-Fed Whipped Tallow Body Butter - Perfect for face or body and all skin types. Quickly absorbs making it perfect for long-lasting moisturization, leaving your skin baby soft, vibrant and hydrated. Made with the purest of ingredients, scented with essential oils. 

Gift Set Includes:

1 - Chest Support Roller

1 - Immune Support Roller

1 - Whipped Tallow Body Butter - 2oz

1 - Gift Box with Ribbon

1 - Prayer Card