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Organic and Natural Home & Skincare Products

Feel confident that what you’re putting on your body and in your home is truly safe and nourishing. Fruitful Beginnings uses all natural and organic ingredients infused with therapeutic essential oils — just as God intended — to formulate our small-batch home and body products.

Handmade Gifts

Products are handmade in small batches using only the purest of ingredients. All orders and products are prayed over, and shipped with a hand written personal note.

Benefits of Diffusing

Diffusing essential oils in a room can help remove odors, and can help your body, mind, and spirit heal. Some scents can help sooth oneself, promoting health, and relaxing one's body.

The Skin Secret You've Been Missing...

Is your skin dry, damaged and in need of some love? Our 100% pure and natural Grass-Fed Tallow has amazing skin benefits. Packed full of vitamins, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics which can help to repair your skin.

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Wellness Rollers

The medicine of the bible. Ancient civilaizations discovered the healing powers of plants from early as 45oo BC. The Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans all used essential oils to purity, heal, and ward off illness.

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Did you know the European Union has banned/restricted more than 1,300 chemicals? So why does the US only ban/restrict 11? I find it astonishing... and companies have no requirement to prove their products are "safe" before it hits the shelves. Protect yourself and your family.