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Blended to support your respiratory system and open airways, allowing you to breathe and recover faster, while stimulating the body's natural defenses.  Promotes wellness, supports liver enzymes, immune system, cleansing, and purifying.    

**Contains Peppermint, do not use if breastfeeding.  Consult with your doctor prior to using.  Not for children under 12yrs old.

Size: 10ml

  • *Fractionated Coconut Oil, *Lemon, *Wintergreen, *Peppermint, *Eucalyptus *Radiata, *Thyme, *Citronella, *Rosemary*, *Lemongrass, *Tea Tree, *Lavender, and *Myrtle Essential Oils 
    *Organic Ingredients
  • Roll bottle gently between hands to mix prior to each use.  Apply to sides of neck chest, and across the nose bridge.